Saturday, May 21, 2016

Teacher's Pet: Product Review of Lupine

by Anetsa Blesener

Are you familiar with the collars produced by Lupine? These collars and leashes are labeled as, “Guaranteed for Life – Even if Chewed!” Perhaps you have wondered if that could really be the case, thinking that “well, my dog would NEVER chew” or “it must be really hard to get a replacement.” Based on my experience, I can confidently say that this guarantee is solid.

But, let me back up. As a disclaimer, while I am a lead trainer for Teacher’s Pet, I have NO affiliation with Lupine, nor do I work for a business that sells their products. I must admit, I am a bit of an “impulse buyer.” When I first saw them, I was really attracted to the many patterns available! There are several other reasons I decided to grab a Lupine collar and leash for my bigger doggie, Naboo:

·         Padded handle – It fit comfortably in my hand.

·         Leash clip – Different than a “regular” leash. Easy for me to snap on & off, but difficult for him to get out.

·         Material – Sturdy, & the products come in several width options.

·         Other – There is a spot between the leash & the leash handle where a bag-dispenser fits!
Since Naboo tended to pull, especially if excited, I knew the the padded handle would not dig into my hand. While the aforementioned leash & collar survived many years, it was when I adopted Shelby that the guarantee came into play. When the pups & I were riding in the car one day, my innocent Shelby began chewing on Naboo’s leash, & by time we arrived at our destination, our wonderfully padded handle was detached from the leash. On the bright side, though, I finally got to try out Lupine’s guarantee!
Guaranteed Even if Chewed?

When you arrive at the Lupine website, there are a couple ways to fulfill the guarantee. Personally, I utilized their mail-in option, as they did not have the new EZ-Return option. For mail-in, I simply mailed the leash, along with my contact info, & they would send a replacement a business day after receiving it.  Unfortunately, I included an old address (I had recently moved), & the package was returned to Lupine. I learned of this because a VERY nice representative called me to verify my address. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!? I couldn’t imagine that they would call me to ensure that I received my replacement. They could’ve dismissed it as my mistake, but no, we got it all squared away & I received my replacement shortly after. There was only one other time that I utilized the guarantee. This time, my rambunctious pups damaged a collar. I included my correct address, & it was even easier to receive a replacement!

I can’t say enough about this company, & you can obtain a replacement no matter what has happened to the collar &/or leash. As long as they can verify that it really is one of their products, they will replace it! Because of my great experience with Lupine, I recommend their products to all my friends & students!  
If you are interested in more info on Lupine, their website is

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