Sunday, August 21, 2016

Product Review: The Fifth Paw

Product Review: The Fifth Paw

By Emma Burton


Walks are an excellent time to work on skills with our pups. They get exercise, and you can put skills that you have previously worked on in less distracting environments to the test. This isn’t so easy, though, if you have to juggle the leash, keys, treats, and of course, the inevitable doody bag. I encountered this problem with my very active German Shorthaired Pointer. I want to be a good neighbor and pick up after him, but the rest of the walk I was either searching for a trash can, juggling a gross bag and trying to hang onto his leash, or all of the above. In an effort to find anything that might help me out, I was browsing online and came across something called “The Fifth Paw.” After owning this product and using it every day for over a year now, I can say that it is something I will never again be without.


The Fifth Paw is a simple leash attachment with three hooks that rotate freely around the center piece which slides over the leash. After knotting a doody bag, you slide it through one of the hooks. The knot keeps the bag from falling through the clip, so you don’t have to worry about the bag again until your walk is over! The fact that the clips rotate on a ring means that the bag doesn’t get tangled in the leash, and you can clip more than one bag on it, which is useful if you have more than one pup or are going on an extra-long adventure. I have found that this product helps me keep more of my attention on training—sometimes, I even forget the bag is there!

This product shows very few signs of wear after over a year of use, and is also made in the USA. Though it is a little expensive for something that carries bags of dog doo, I find it invaluable. As someone who lives in downtown Madison where traffic is dense, having full control over the leash is my number one priority, and The Fifth Paw lends such a big hand. If you have noticed it’s difficult to juggle all you need on a walk, or simply are tired of carrying bags in your hand for an entire walk, this product is here to help. As you can see, Copper did a lot of market research before buying, and gives it two paws up!


*This is an unsolicited and honest review. I have no association with The Fifth Paw and was not compensated in any way to write this review.*