Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Test Your Skills: Challenge #3

Happy Belated Thanksgiving, all!

We apologize for the delay in our writing our next blog. We have been very busy the last couple months!

Without further ado, here is your next challenge. Again, we hope that the first challenges have been successful! Please post comments, questions, issues, and more!

For this challenge, we are starting to work on "distance control" for skills. Here are the details:

1. When your dog is ~5 feet away from you (but facing you), ask him/her for a SIT. If successful, reinforce handsomely with some treats or a playtime! When your dog is doing this readily, move to ~10 feet, then ~15, and so on.

2. Repeat Step 1, but use a DOWN instead.

3. Repeat Step 1, but try a SIT-DOWN-SIT (Puppy Pushup).

4. Now, walk with your dog on one of your sides. Ask for a STAND and WAIT. Go about 5 feet away, and then ask for the SIT. Again, repeat this with the DOWN, too.

Please post how this challenge goes! If you'd like extra assistance, join our Doggy High School class! This course focuses on adding more challenging aspects to foundation skills, such as Sit and Down.

Happy Training!
Teacher's Pet