Saturday, January 7, 2012

Test Your Skills: Challenge #4

Happy New Year, all!

We are so excited to start 2012 at Teacher's Pet Training. We have a great year planned, full of great ideas, meeting new people and dogs, and continuing to help you and your dog achieve your potential! So, join us in making training goals for 2012!

Our next challenge of this Test Your Skills series is based on loose leash walking. Set out a couple objects that can be used for walking a figure 8 pattern. Once set up, get your dog into the loose leash walking frame of mind :). You may use treats to lure your dog into position on your right or left side. Start walking, and then warm up with some easy figure 8's.

Once your dog is easily walking the figure 8's, I want you to put a frisbee on your head, and then try to walk figure 8's. If it falls off, you must start again. This will get easier as you and your dog get more fluid at walking nicely on leash.

If you are looking for a bigger challenge after trying out the frisbee, you can have a friend blindfold you. Then, the friend calls out directions on where to go, and you are trying to keep your dog walking on a loose leash.

Good luck, and happy training!
Teacher's Pet