Thursday, February 9, 2012

Test Your Skills: Challenge #5

Happy February, all!

Your next challenge is focused around the game of FETCH. Within the bounds of fun, you will teach your dog to bring something to you and "drop it."

1. Start by finding a toy that your dog REALLY loves. It could be a tennis ball, squeak toy, chewie toy - whatever your dog enjoys.

2. Get your dog excited with the toy (maybe wave it around?), and then throw it a few feet away.

3. Once your dog picks up the toy, call him/her, and put a treat on his/her nose. This will get his/her mouth to open - giving you the toy (and he/she gets the treat!).

4. IMMEDIATELY throw the toy again. This serves as a "reward," too!

Eventually, you can start throwing the toy farther and farther away, as well as introducing new toys to the mix.

Now go test this out with your dog! Enjoy, and have some FUN!

Happy training,
Teacher's Pet