Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Product Review: Freedom Harness

Product Review:  Freedom No Pull Harness (Wiggles, Wags and Whiskers, Inc)

Available in the Madison area at Nutzy Mutz and Bad Dog Frida

What:  This is a harness designed to decrease pulling and give you more control over your dog while walking on leash.  You can also order a special leash designed to attach to the harness in three different ways (a ring on the dog’s back, a ring on the dog’s chest, or both rings at once).
Why:  It takes some time and patience to teach your dog to walk politely on leash.  A special harness like this can help you walk your dog more easily without thinking about training, and without letting your dog be rewarded for pulling.
The Paws Up:  The harness definitely worked to control pulling in a 55 pound dog that is typically a moderate puller.  One nice feature is the velvet lining on the chest strap, since the nylon of other harnesses, such as the Easy Walk by Premier, can cause some chaffing under the front legs.  There are also different options for attaching the leash, which is great!  For times when you need extra control, such as walking through a crowd or if your dog has issues seeing other dogs or people while walking, attaching to both the chest and the back gives the most control.  And if you want to give your dog more freedom to sniff and explore, attaching to either the back or the chest decreases pulling enough to keep the walk enjoyable. 
The Paws Down:  Unlike some of the other anti-pulling harnesses that can be fastened around the dog’s chest/back, this harness does have to slip over the dog’s head, which could be an issue for some dogs.  However, most dogs can be helped through this by using some tasty treats.

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