Thursday, September 22, 2011

Test Your Skills - CHALLENGE #1

Hello friends!

Over the next weeks, we will be posting different challenges for you and your dog to complete. Please post questions, successes, etc!

Your first challenge will sound simple. :) We want you to ask your dog to “SIT” while in various locations (out on a walk, dog park, pet store, each room of the house, etc), as well as asking for a sit while YOU change your position. Examples are: have your back facing your dog, you sit on the ground, you lay on the ground – really use your creativity and test your dog’s skill!

If you have any trouble, consider dropping into one our beginning classes – our “How Do I Get My Dog To Do That?” class goes over SIT. OR, jump into our Doggy High School course – this course goes over asking for cues in various settings.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on how this challenge went for you!

Happy training,

Teacher’s Pet Training Academy
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