Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January Special!

In celebration of National "Train Your Dog" Month, Teacher's Pet Training is getting the word out about how much fun training with your dog can be.

If you have a stellar student already, consider trying a new dog sport, such as canine freestyle, agility, etc. One excellent option is that Teacher's Pet now offers Canine Freestyle. A 6-week cycle is starting March 1st at The Dog Haus.

If you need to brush up on skills and/or you just adopted a puppy, we have a superb class selection for you! Multiple beginner doggy classes and puppy classes are starting in February and March. Please see our main website (www.teacherspettraining.com) for class times and days.

Another new opportunity at Teacher's Pet is Saturday classes. Starting February 6th, a puppy class and drop-in beginner class will be held at The Dog Haus. The drop-in class is very flexible; we work on the skills you are most interested in! Both classes run for 6 weeks.

So, what are you waiting for? We will update this blog weekly with more information and tips on training. Feel free to check out our main website and send feedback. We hope to see you and your dog soon!

(We are located in Madison, Wisconsin)

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